Dr. Mona Saleh

Dr. Mona Saleh, a distinguished cosmetic dermatologist, has enhanced her professional identity through our extensive branding services. Our collaboration included Logo Design, Print Material, Visual Identity, Media Production, and targeted Digital Ads.

Visual Identity

We developed a unique logo and visual identity for Dr. Mona Saleh that reflects her expertise and distinct position in cosmetic dermatology. This extends across various print materials like business cards and banners, which contributed to a professional and trustworthy image.

Media Production

Our video production showcased her procedures and expertise, offering a visually engaging way to connect with potential clients. Our professional photos captured the essence of her work, adding authenticity and appeal to her online presence.

Social Media Management

We revitalized Dr. Mona Saleh’s social media pages, creating a distinctive look that mirrors her personal brand. Our active management of her social media presence included content creation and community engagement, effectively increasing her online presence.

Digital Ads

The targeted ads we designed expanded Dr. Saleh’s reach, attracting new clients and solidifying her position as a trusted cosmetic dermatologist.”

Landing Page

We designed a specialized landing page that aligns perfectly with Dr. Saleh’s visual identity and brand messaging. This page enhances user engagement by simplifying the process of learning about her services and booking consultations, significantly improving conversion rates

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