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Moving Online = Increasing Sales

Congratulations! since you are here, it means that you are interested in growing up your business. The next step is moving your restaurant up to the next level with your own online ordering system.
and the good news is that you will have a 1 month of free digital ads management too.


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  1. Online ordering can increase your restaurant’s income by more than 30%.
  2. Stop using outdated methods for ordering and use new technologies .
  3. Join the “Big Brands Club” as all of them are using online ordering systems .
  4. Keep your customers’ data for yourself and yourself only and build your community.
  5. Stop paying high percentages to third party online ordering platforms!.

Numbers Say it all

Food and Beverage Online Sales in the UAE (Million Dirhams)
Source :
E-commerce in the UAE Food Retail Market
Report, Euromonitor international 2019.

The Power of your Client’s Database

Many people don’t know what’s a client database, and that’s why they give it for FREE to third parties.

When customers order food online, they are required to fill some kind of data (email, phone number, ec…)third party online ordering services save that data and use it to bring more sales for themselves, via targeting them with SMS campaigns, and on social media.

Why give them data for free? if you keep your data for yourself, you can create powerful campaigns that would bring customers back to your restaurant, offering all kinds of promotions and coupons!

Online food ordering systems have proven their efficiency across the UAE and the world because they are:


All your customers have to do is pick up their phones and simply choose from your menu, then make an order. That’s it!


Less human interaction in the ordering process means several orders can come trough at the same time, making the process faster!

Mistake - Free

The “oh, I asked without onions!” complain is from the past now. People don’t have to note what they want twice.

What Will We Do For You?

Setting You Up

At Lilac, every client is a success partner, and success can’t be achieved without strong basis. We will build your restaurant’s customized system basis according to your vision and our experience. Then, we will continue the journey of your rise together till the end.the steps to reach the top are:

  1. Developing your restaurant customized system.
  2. Upload and Organize all the required data ( Menu items, Images, Descriptions, and Prices ).
  3. Integrating your restaurant’s POS (point of sale) system with your online ordering system.
  4. Coordinating with third party payment gateway providers.
  5. Testing your system performance to ensure the best user experience.

Digital Marketing

First, we will study your brand to modify what platforms suit you better.
then, we will create original ads that address your potential customers and online ordering users.
last but not least, we will use the latest tools in the digital ads field like Google adwords keyword research, and Facebook pixels to reach the right people segment, and create custom Facebook audiences, in order to build a true rich customer database that would assure the best results
out of your future SMS and email campaigns, and promotions.

Who Are We?

Lilac is an exceptional marketing agency working to provide marketing services according to the latest concepts in the world of marketing. Lilac team works to cooperate and exchange experiences among themselves, to produce impressive results directed to all members of the community of all sects and races. Each brand has the right to appear in the best possible image and here lies the task of the Lilac team as we do not add any increases that are not already presented by the brand, but we decorate the image of the brand and show it as it deserves to be shown and that’s why we are (Lilac). The name is the embodiment of the concept of using lilac flowers to decorate places by giving them an aesthetic touch that increases their original beauty.

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