Lilac is all about innovative thoughts to create a brand identity that ensures the continuity of your business for years to come. A full-service marketing agency located in Dubai, UAE, Lilac is well-established for one year to help brands reach their target market with digital/off line marketing strategies through social media marketing, web/mobile applications, e-mail marketing, SEO/SEM, and display advertising that can drive your brand to all places your audience exist.

Lilac also benefits from user-generated content to better understand the habits and attitudes of your target audience to create your road map to success. In the creative part, Lilac provides the foundation of any good communication wherever it might be; from classic printed material or TV Ad not ending with creating full identity.

Since we strive to surprise our clients with our work, we have made sure our creations are carefully designed with high-end quality in mind. As part of our commitment, we go the extra mile in making sure that every aspect of our creations spreads artistic beauty and is a source of pride for our elite clients. That’s what we do for our clients, past and present.

Steal the spotlight and make an unforgettable impression with our varied miscellany of creations!










  • Sara-Jafar

    Sara Jafar

    Social media community manager

    It is all about doing your job with love, passion and creativity. That is how Lilac think of marketing and that is why I am here.

  • Mgr-Simon

    Samaan Mikhael

    Brand Strategist

    My job is to simplify business complications. “Call me Simon” I ask non-Arabic speakers who struggle with my name. If you are an Arabic speaker then go ahead and call me “سمعان”. I'm a business graduate and have mastered my business acumen between Syria and UAE.

  • lilac-team-Razan-Badri

    Razan Badri

    Business Consultant

    It’s my passion to work with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving as well as help clients in developing their business skills and knowledge

  • rala-alkous

    Rala Alkous


    I have the passion and the determination to design Arabic websites which stand out from the international ones.

  • Qussai Maklad

    Business Analyst

    Highly interested in pioneer work and deeply passionate about generating creative ideas.I am into analyzing projects I am working on to achieve the best marketing strategies.

  • Odey-kassam

    Odey Kassam Al Hennawi

    Web Developer

    willing to learn anything that could be useful for my professional career.

  • Nada-Alsafadi--Lilac-Team

    Nada Alsafadi

    Graphic Designer

    Architect and Graphic designer, ambitious and hard working person ... my favourite and inspirational quote is: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticated".

  • Lamis Bourhan Samra


    Freelance Translator ( 2009 – present) . ESL instructor (2008-present). After receiving the diploma and then the MA in translation ,The quote that expresses me well is :” Words travel worlds.Translators do the driving.”

  • Hussam Tomeh

    Copywriting Manager

    I believe the good blend of education and experience empowers my passion for the position of a Copywriting Manager.

  • ghaith-haydar

    ghaith haidar

    Art Director

    "Break your sword, carry your shovel and follow me to plant peace and love in the depth of earth" - Baal (Ancient Syrian God) this words which are inviting humanity to live in peace and love inspired me into finding a way to spread them through the world, and i found my way..Art

  • Lilac-team-fadi-tyfour

    Fadi Tayfour

    Video Editor

    Photography, videography and video editing is not a work for me it's a lifestyle

  • Bassel Tomeh

    Bassel Tomeh

    Business Development Manager

    A socially intelligent person who can deal positively with people in general. A hard-working and highly motivated person with excellent communication skills.

  • anna-naim-lilac-agency-team

    Anaira Naim

    Graphic Designer

    Art have been a huge part of my life and personality since i was a child, and what I've been doing in the past years is trying to become a better version of myself as an artist and as a person.

  • Alaa albakri

    Social media specialist

    I have an active role in monitoring all the platforms of Social Media, and determining the best way to implement the marketing strategy in order to maintain the largest number of followers and attract new ones.

Lilac’s Task

Several clients have engaged Lilac to explore the challenge of creating its brand and map their marketing strategy given Lilac’s unique approach to branding and marketing. However, the clients operate in symmetry to Lilac’s area of expertise. We define and enforce a brand within the appreciated appeal of cultural norms. More importantly, we define how a brand is so different from the hundreds of other offerings in the respective market. Ultimately, Lilac’s task is to create the brand’s foundation; its belief, cause, purpose, and truth. Moreover, we create a personality and behavior that sets the brand apart. The task is to establish and position the brand in the market. The cherry on the cake is that we bring the brand to life through a visual identity that matches its positioning and spirit.

We Are Discrete


A name synonymous with innovation and aesthetics"


Multinational staff with different backgrounds, cultures, experience, and skills"


Providing a variety of integrated marketing and advertising services"


Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our work and transactions with clients"


Innovative ideas to ensure our customers’ comfort and relief"